Guide to End of Day Reports (FOH):

1. Login to the OVVI software with your employee credentials then tap the green check mark in lower right.

2. After inputting your employee credentials, and if it has the table diagram, setting enabled, Tap on the ‘Quick Order’ button, to get to the order screen.

3. Tap on the ‘More Option’ button.

4. Tap on the ’Other Operations’ button

5. Tap on the ‘Day End Report’ button to manually complete a Day End Report.

6. Tap the drop down menu for ‘Select Station’ to apply tips and changes to a specific station.

7. When done applying changes, tap the ‘Apply Changes & Batch Settlement’ button.

8. Tap the ‘OK’ button to verify the expected deposit.

9. Tap the ‘Yes’ button.

10. Tap either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons to print Day End Report, if you select ‘Yes’ it then will print to the receipt printer.

11. Users can view all Previous End of Day reports by tapping the ‘Reports’ button.

12. Tap the ‘End of Day – Z Report’ button.

13. Tap on the desired date and time to view its End of Day report.

14. User can tap on ‘Cancel’ to choose a different date, ‘Print’ to print the report to the receipt printer, or ‘Display’ to view the report on the station.

15. Tapping the ‘Display’ option will show the report as follows on the POS station.

16. Tapping the ‘X’ icon in the upper right corner will close the report and return the user back to the ‘Select date of day end report’ pop up.

17. This Concludes the Guide to End of Day Reports (FOH).

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