How to Apply Discount to an Order

1. Login to your OVVI application on the POS.

2. To retrieve the order, go to the order screen and select the “Operations” button.

3. Select the “recall” button under “Order functions”. This should pull up a list of orders with the most recent ones on top.

4. Select the desired order number and you will be redirected to the order screen with the recalled order.

5. Select the “Void transaction” button under “Order functions”. Once you select, the prompt will ask you for a reason to void. Enter it.

6. You will be prompted to confirm the void transaction again. Select “Yes”. If the transaction was completed with a credit card you will be asked to confirm again.

7. You might also be prompted to print a receipt if the settings are configured. Once you are done the order will be voided and you will be redirected to the order screen/table diagram.