Initial OVVI All in One POS station.

1. Out of the Box should include the Ovvi All in One POS station and 12v power supply.

2. On the Back of the POS station, locate the port labeled ‘DC12V’.

3. Connect the AC adapter to the ‘DC12V’ port.

4. Once Power has been connected, locate the Ethernet port.

5. Connect Ethernet Cable to the ethernet port.

6. To load receipt paper, open the receipt paper housing by pressing the latch located on the front right side of the station.

7. Once the hatch is opened, load the receipt paper in as seen below, then close the hatch.

8. Press the power button located in the lower right corner of the main display just below the icon.

9. The windows desktop should appear once Station has successfully powered on.

10. Verify system clock matches the time zone of the business. If it does not follow office Windows Documents on how to Configure System Clock settings.

Important: System Clock must be set correctly for successful Settlement batches and system syncing.

11. Users should verify that system is connected to their network.

Please Note: OVVI highly recommends physical connection via ethernet if possible.

12. Next, verify ‘TeamViewer’ is installed and running. If it is not, download and install TeamViewer.

Please Note: This is required to allow OVVI’s Technical Support team to provide better assistance for possible troubleshooting.

13. Next, Verify the ‘Cloud OVVI’ application has been installed. If it has not, please contact OVVI Support to install the latest version of ‘Cloud OVVI’.

14. Double Tap/Click the ‘Cloud OVVI’ application to Launch the program.

Please Note: If the OVVI Splash screen appears, Skip to Step 15.

15. If prompted, Merchants may need to sign in using their OVVI Cloud Credentials and allow data to fetch from cloud servers on an initial.

16. Once Signed in, the User will then see the ‘Fetch Data’ progress bar.

Please Note: Fetch Data time may vary greatly depending on connectivity and the amount of data being retrieved from the cloud servers.

17. Additionally, Merchants may be prompted to register their Cloud OVVi. Tap the ‘Register Now’ to continue

18. Merchant should input their license key and tap the ‘Enter’ button.

Important: Merchants should have received Cloud Credentials and License Key(s) via an email from OVVI’s Operations Team. If they have not, they should contact OVVI Support.

19. Once registration is completed the application will load and should now display the employee login screen.

20. This Concludes the guide on how to perform an initial setup for the Ovvi All in One POS station.

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